Witch Fashion!

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When we think of our witch fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is the gothic style that so many witches choose, to express their inner spirituality. Who can resist that black flowy look which reflects the dark of night most of us embrace? Gothic style has been in fashion for so long, it has indeed become a classic look amongst those of us who regularly dance under the full moon.

Our fashion is a reflection of who we are, our beliefs, our interests, and our way of life as a whole. Donning that cloak is as sacred now as it has been throughout time, but fashion is not about our ritual clothing, it is about our everyday life.

Witchy attire makes a bold statement to the community in which we live and are a part of. It shows who we are. For many, it is, however, not an option…

Black pointed hats are a thing of the past! You don’t have to look witchy to be a witch. In fact, most of us don’t, especially those of us who are in the broom closet, or working in the corporate world. Dressing fashionably can be very beneficial for us witches!

When we look our best, we feel better about ourselves, and that can have a great effect on our magickal workings. When we feel good, we carry a positive vibration that increases our frequency, creating stronger power, and healing for ourselves and others. This positive energy can be easily transformed into our magickal workings!

Think about it. If wearing all black makes you feel more like yourself, you are more comfortable, therefore your personal power will increase. The same goes for those witches that fancy designer labels and vibrant color. It is what we present on our outside that is a reflection of our inside.

Clothing aside, there are lots of ways to be fashionable in today’s society, while maintaining a connection to our witchy selves. Crystals can be incorporated in our designer look, or carried in our pockets. We can also use other accessories to complete our witchy look, such as scarves, shoes, and handbags.

Any way you look at it, fashion is a part of who we are spiritually, as well as physically, so have fun with it! Remember, you are who you are, no matter what you wear!

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