Go Smudge Yourself!

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As witches, we all know the value of a good smudging. Most smudgers turn to the old faithful burning of sage in an abalone shell, using a feather to fan the smoke around. This method has been used for as long as smudging existed. Although quite effective, it can be a little time consuming, and in a large group of robe wearing witches, could even be a fire hazard.

The alternative? Using a smudge stick, or course! Now, I know what you are probably thinking… In the past few years, the cost of smudge sticks has gotten significantly higher than it used to be. Well, never fear! Just make your own! It is so easy and fun, you will never want to purchase another smudge stick again!

First, harvest your herbs. I like to use a variety of sage, including silver, desert, and Russian. I like to harvest the Russian sage while it is blooming, because the beautiful purple flowers are such a nice touch to the smudge stick! I also use juniper leaves, while the berries are still attached. And of course, I always add roses! This simple recipe is amazing for cleansing sacred space, magickal tools, and clearing personal energy from your aura.

Some other great additions for a homemade smudge stick are springs of rosemary, bay leaves, lavender, and basil.

When harvesting, don’t forget to ask the spirit of the plant if the harvest is allowed. Remember to always be respectful of the nature spirits!

After the harvesting is done, layer the herbs as you would want them to be visible in the smudge stick. Next, using embroidery thread, choose your color or colors to complement your smudge stick. I use pink and purple for the recipe above, as the pink is a love vibration, which is the highest vibration, and purple is for spiritualism. Depending on the type of smudging you are needing the smudge stick for, the colors of your thread will vary, as will your herbs used.

Wrap the bottom of your bundled herbs a few times, then using a crisscross motion, wrap the bundle up to the top, and then back down again, then tie your thread securely. Allow your newly smudge stick to dry well before use. This will help the smudge stick burn evenly and will also prevent mold from growing in the center of your smudge stick.

You can make these smudge sticks any size you wish, and can even make them as you need them, or make a bunch up at one time, to last you until the next season of herb harvest approaches.

Once your smudge sticks are dry, keep them in a zip-closing plastic bag or in an air tight container, so their natural fragrance will stay powerful. And when you feel the need, go smudge yourself!

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