Faery Candles

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Making faery candles can be a fun activity for the entire family! There are a few ways you can do it. Making candles from scratch can be a bit messy, but can be so rewarding and powerful, at the same time. Let’s talk about this method first, shall we?

To make candles from scratch, there are a few ways to look at. The first is dipping. For this method, you will need lots of chunked wax (Bee’s wax works best), the wax can be different colors (food coloring works great!), and several deep double boilers. In this instance, you would take your string/wick, and dip it into the melted wax, over and over, creating layers of wax, until the desired size is achieved.

Glitter, scented oil, and dried herbs can be added to the melted wax for added frills. The Fae seem to really like the added frills!

The second method is to melt your chunk of wax in a double boiler, and pour it into a mold, after the wick is securely in place. Again, extra frills can be added! You can even add ice cubes to your mold before pouring your wax in! This will leave holes throughout the candle, where the extra frills will be more noticeable!

The third way is to purchase wax sand, already colored. You can add your frills to it. It can be melted down and poured in a mold as mentioned above, or the sand wax can be poured loose in a glass (heat proof) container, and the wax will melt as the candle burns. Don’t forget to mix in your frills!

All of these methods are great projects, that take time and materials, not to mention the need for patience, and a bit of a mess to clean up afterwards! But well worth it, nonetheless!

Another way is to use a candle that is already made. This is the quickest and easiest method.

Dress your candle (any color) in scented oil (floral is preferred by the Fae) and roll it in glitter (any color). Sprinkle dried herbs and flowers over the top, and allow to dry before using. Simple, huh? These are perfect to use for any Faery magickal workings, and look great on a Midsummer altar!

Happy candling!

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