Book Reviews

I have had the pleasure of reading several books by Elizabeth Gardiepy. My two favorites are:
Crystal Skull Magick
A Book of Lights and Shadows

Crystal Skull Magick
The grids in this book are AMAZING they cover the gambit of Mental, Emotional, Environmental, and Physical needs. She goes into detail around how to connect with the skulls, charging your skulls, and various spells. Anyone into Crystal Skulls should definitely own this book

A Book of Lights and Shadows
This is the all in one book of spells and I can find whatever I need at a moments notice.
I had the pleasure of having Elizabeth as my High Priestess and the knowledge she holds within shines throughout the pages of this book. It’s brilliant and something that should be on your book shelf!!

I have provided a glimpse into only 2 of her books but rest assured all her books are equally brilliant and you should feel very comfortable and confident in the fact that Elizabeth has been studying and leading covens for many many years and is a wealth of knowledge. Now its a wealth of knowledge that I can read whenever I want <3

– Mindy Mansdoerfer


Thrifty witch
Thrifty witch is an excellent guide for the new witch that thinks the only way to do witchcraft is expensive. Tips and tricks to practice economically are plentiful in this book. Better yet there are example of spells, recipies, and rituals that have supplies that won’t break the bank. A must read  all practitioners. 


Book of light and Shadow
This book is my go to for ready made spells and inspiration. Elizabeth Gardiepy wrote a tome with an astonishing wealth of knowledge. This book is a must have for every witch. I never fail to find what I am looking for in this book!


The Pagan Book of rituals and ceremonies
The rituals in this book are a perfect starting point and are also perfect as they are for basic rituals. For those experienced practitioners seeking inspiration or ready made ritual look no further. 
– Autumn Light