Bewitching Baths

(excerpt from Bohemian Magick, Copyright © 2017 Elizabeth Gardiepy All rights reserved.)

There is something very powerful about bathing. To cleanse the physical is to also cleanse the etheric, as they mirror one another. Witches use cleansing baths for just about everything under the sun and moon! Before magickal workings, initiations, or any kind of healing sessions are a few that come to mind right away, but what about other times?

Did you know you can use a cleansing bath after a stressful event? How about before you retire for the night after a long day? Before a planned romantic encounter? Yes! A cleansing bath can be used for all of these reasons and so much more!

Don’t know how? It’s easy! There are several methods, and I will share the most common ones with you right now!

The easiest is to gather your ingredients and place them in a tub of hot water. Let them steep for about ten minutes, and enjoy the bath! You will have quite a mess to clean afterwards, as all the ingredients will need to be scooped and filtered out of the bath before draining the bathwater. The easiest way to accomplish this is with a mesh strainer.

Another way is to place all the ingredients into a cheesecloth bundle and place it in the bath to steep like a teabag! You will get the same results as the above mentioned method, with less mess! This technique also works well in the shower, by using the cheesecloth bundle as if it were a sponge for bathing. Just remember to make sure you don’t miss any areas of your body!

Speaking of showers, one of my favorite method is to place your ingredients into a large bowl of boiling water, and allow it to steep until the water cools enough to use comfortably. Stand in the shower (no water running) and using a clean sponge or wash cloth, dip into the bowl and wipe your entire body down, starting with your head. Dip into the bowl as many times as you wish. Once you are done, be sure to strain the contents of the bowl before emptying the left over water.

Here are some easy bewitching bath recipes that never fail:

Awaken Romance Bath

1 cup sea salt

The petals from 3 deep red rose buds

10 drops ylang ylang oil

1 tbsp rosemary

1 piece orris root

Soak in hot bath, in a candle lit room alone, or with a friend.

Prepare For Magick Bath

3 drops of your blood

1 cup sea salt

1 tbsp rosemary

1 handful galangal root

1 pinch dragon’s blood resin, powdered

Soak in hot bath before performing any magick.

Protection Bath

1 cup sea salt

13 drops dragon’s blood oil

1 handful rosemary

1 pinch dragon’s blood resin, powdered

1 handful sage

1 pinch of Earth

1 amethyst crystal

Soak in hot bath when you need spiritual protection.

Cleansing Bath

1 cup sea salt

1 tbsp rosemary

1 handful rose petals

1 handful patchouli

10 drops dragon’s blood oil

3 drops ginger oil

Soak in hot bath after any magickal working, or when you need to cleanse your auric field.

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